Detached Garage Fire – 1801 E Terrace View Ln

Detached Garage Fire
1801 E Terrace View Ln
On today’s date at approximately 1:22PM, our department was notified of a garage on fire at the above address. Upon arrival, Engine 653 found a detached garage approximately 10-15 feet from the house with active fire coming from a vehicle inside the garage. Flames were visible from the inside and top of the vehicle and were beginning to melt sections of the garage door and spread to the garage. Crews from Engine 653 immediately stretched a line to extinguish the fire with crews from Truck 650 and Rescue 658 assisting with overhaul. The main body of fire was contained to the vehicle with minor damage to the garage from radiant heat and smoke. Officers from the Peoria Heights Police Department were on scene to provide assistance and an ambulance from Advanced Medical Transport was on scene in case of injury. No injuries were reported and the fire was declared unintentional in nature. Total time from initial dispatch to the fire being declared out was approximately 10 minutes.
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