Informational Message Regarding COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus

Informational Message Regarding COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus

The Peoria Heights Fire Department has been monitoring the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus outbreak currently affecting numerous parts of the world. While we will refrain from providing exact figures regarding this disease as the situation is still evolving, we felt the need to make a notification to the public regarding our current status in regards to emergency response.

Peoria Heights Fire Department command staff have been in constant communication with representatives from local EMS agencies, the Peoria Area EMS System, OSF Healthcare, and the Illinois Department of Public Health regarding COVID-19. The current information available to us from these resources states that there have been no local cases (within the Peoria County area) of COVID-19 reported at this time. Our department, along with the other EMS response agencies, fire departments, hospitals, and EMS systems in the area have enacted protocols to allow us to best treat those that may become infected and to best protect the public. We want to reassure the public that we are all prepared and ready to act should an outbreak occur in our area as the protection and safety of you as the public is our highest concern.

As new information becomes available to us, we will try our best to relay that out to you in a timely fashion. The biggest takeaway: the emergence of any new virus or bacteria is certainly a time for concern, but not for panic. Make sure you’re following appropriate precautions like washing your hands thoroughly, covering your mouth when sneezing or coughing, or simply staying at home if you feel ill. If you feel you need to, be sure to seek medical attention with your family doctor or the nearest urgent care/emergency department. If you have more questions about COVID-19, we would encourage you to contact your family doctor or your local health department.

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